Welcome to the One Family Honduras blog!

Yes, bienvenidos! This blog is a space to connect. We have an impressive team of OFH staff in Honduras who walk with our students every day, and we also have an amazing network of supporters, advisors and friends across the United States. This blog is a space for all of us to share stories and grow deeper in our connections to one another.

Many of you know the story behind this organization: Jami King and I moved to the small town of Gracias, Honduras in 2011 to work at the Minerva Bilingual School. We formed a relationship with the Ramirez family, a family of six living on approximately $5 per day. After much thought, prayer and generosity, we began to sponsor one student—Karla—to attend school. (For more of the story and to meet our family, click here).DSC_0027

But I hope you sense that this is about far more than education. We desperately want these children to succeed in school and in life, but that is not our greatest hope. Our greatest hope is that these children feel loved—that the relationships that they form assure them of their inherent value and worth. We pray that these children are not impacted by merely their educations, but far more importantly by the relationships they form with teachers, mentors, classmates and supporters. Our goal is depth, not breadth.


Our friendship with the kids inspired this organization, and our friends and families (you!) sustain our operations. In fact, 100% of our donations come from families and friends of people who have met the children directly, and have their own stories and relationships with them.

We hope that this blog allows us to connect with each other on a deeper level—the students, staff in Honduras, and friends in the United States. We invite you to join our family!

— Sarah Galaro


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