Month: October 2017

Growing Up So Fast

Hello everyone! Charlie here, Estefany’s mentor-tutor this year.


The two little girls (Ada and Estefany) are off to a great start to a new school year here at Minerva. Estefany is beginning second grade and Ada is in fourth– they’re growing so fast! Both girls say that they enjoy school, especially being with friends.

Let me tell you, these girls are so smart. They’re always speaking in English, which we love to hear! Recently, Miss Anna (Ada’s mentor-tutor) was told by Ada’s teacher that if Ada is confused about a new topic, she knows that the rest of the class probably doesn’t get it either. That smarty–always a step ahead!

It’s great to see Estefany with her friends at school. She has learned so much compassion from her siblings and she treats her friends with the same respect. She plays with them, she cares for them, and she encourages them. I always see her around school with a buddy.


Sergio is in his final months at public school before the holiday break (the public school system here in Honduras has a different calendar than the bilingual schools). He has exams coming up when I asked him about it, he said, “I hope I pass them all!” We do, too 🙂

So, this is an exciting time. Ada and Estefany are beginning a new grade at Minerva, Sergio is closing out his 7th grade year. Prayers and blessings for them.