Month: November 2017

Learning Perseverance through Goal-Setting


Hello everyone! Charlie here, Estefany’s mentor.

This month in OFH, we have been focused on setting goals with our students. Anna (Ada’s mentor) and I decided to help Ada and Estefany set both personal and academic goals to teach them about perseverance, and to help them articulate some of the things they want to accomplish. After some encouragement, they both got into it!


For this year, Ada set the personal goal of strengthening relationships in her family. She also wants to go to a beautiful place with her family (she loves nature!) and help her parents by keeping the house clean. Ada also wants to make more time to go bird-watching and do more art. Academically, Ada is aiming for stellar grades. Get it, girl.


Estefany set a personal goal of this year of respecting others. She will be working on saying “excuse me” when she needs to interrupt, and also accepting the word “no” from others, especially adults. When an adult says “no” to a request, Estefany will work hard to respond positively and politely, instead of begging or whining.

Academically, Estefany’s goal will be responsibility. She and I will determine how different homework assignments should be completed– with help, alone at home, or in the morning at school. It will be her responsibility to check her daily planner each afternoon and complete the solo activities independently. It will also be her responsibility to visit my classroom in the morning to complete any work she wasn’t able to do at home. As always, I’m happy to help!


All of the mentors and children get together every few weeks for a fun, social outing. During our last outing with our OFH students, we talked to Sergio about some of his goals, too. He talked about wanting to travel more, and also about exploring medicine as a future career. We were so excited to hear this! From there, we were able to help him prioritize his academics and English acquisition. Often, Sergio works late at night to help his family earn money from their food cart, so we worked with him to come up with some strategies to give him more time to study, and to help make his study time as effective as possible.

Great things ahead! These kiddos are incredible 🙂