Month: December 2017

Feliz Navidad!


Christmas in Honduras means one thing—the big school Christmas show. This month, the Christmas show at Minerva took over everyone’s attention. After much practice and rehearsal, the show was a great success. Estefany performed a choreographed dance number with her classmates, and Ada participated in a short skit. She read two lines in English to the whole audience! Go girls!

As part of celebrating Christmas, OFH mentors have devoted time to teaching the girls the importance of showing thankfulness to others. In Girl Scouts, the girls wrote thank you notes to staff at Minerva (cleaning staff, administration, maintenance, and secretarial staff), the girls also wrote personal Thank You/Christmas cards with Miss Alina and Miss Anna.

When we ask the girls, they tell us that the biggest thing they are thankful for is their family. They enjoy writing notes to their parents and siblings. And Mari (the girls’ mother) has recently shared something exciting—the family is growing. Mari is expecting a new baby, and is currently in her second trimester. The family is very excited about this and preparing for the arrival of a new baby into the house. Our in-country advisor Irma has been an amazing support during this process, and is helping all of us in any way she can.

From the One Family Honduras staff, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We truly enjoy our time and experiences with our OFH family and we are grateful to you for helping us make that possible.

Happy Holidays, and see you in the New Year!




Safety Update – Honduras Elections

As many of you may know, the country of Honduras has been experiencing  political and social unrest these past few weeks, as the presidential election was widely and vigorously contested by citizens. 

As of now, the town of Gracias has stayed safe during the elections. There have been protests and riots in other major cities in Honduras, but Gracias has remained relatively secure and calm. Our students, family, OFH mentors, and staff at Minerva have all stayed safe during this transition. We practice safety by walking in groups, keeping alert, and hosting outdoor activities only during daylight hours.

We continue to pray for peace and safety in Honduras, and we encourage everyone to learn more about the situation. Consider reading the following news reports: