Month: January 2018

New Semester at Minerva

Hello everyone!

As the first quarter at school ends, we’ve been able to see how the two younger girls are doing academically this year. ​Minerva Bilingual School (where Ada and Estefany attend) follows the U.S. academic calendar, so they’re about to start their second semester.

The girls have done impressive work, and we’re so proud of them! Ada’s overall average was 90% with high scores in English, Reading, and Writing. Estefany’s overall average is 87% with high scores in Reading and Computer.

These highlight some of the girls interests. Ada always has a book with her, and she loves to read and communicate in English. Rarely does she ever fall back on her Spanish to communicate with us. Because of all of this practice, her English is fantastic! Estefany also loves books, but she is even more interested in technology. She loves to use our phones to take photos and investigate new apps. We joke that someday she might be a photographer. Both girls need some extra help in Math, and now we are devoting some time during tutoring sessions to fill these gaps.

As a fun activity, OFH took the girls and their mentor-tutors to visit the Botanical Gardens in town. This is a newly updated area in Gracias with an absolutely beautiful garden and sitting area. The girls loved seeing the birds and interesting plants.

A big update for our group is the change in mentor-tutor for Estefany. Charlie, Estefany’s mentor-tutor, needed to return to the United States for family reasons. However, another international teacher close to the girls has taken her place as Estefany’s mentor. Miss Alina teaches English classes in secondary and is part of the team that runs Girl Scouts (which both Ada and Estefany participate in each week). She is close friends with Miss Anna and Miss Charlie, and has already spent a great deal of time with our OFH family. She is the perfect new addition to our group. She has already been working with Estefany on mentoring topics like Estefany’s personal goals, and academic material too. Welcome, Alina!

We’re excited to get the new semester started!