Month: February 2018




Our OFH family has been in transition this past month. They have moved to a new apartment (again)! The change was quick and a bit chaotic, but the family is adjusting well. Packing and moving is a big challenge, and we observed how each of the children showed extraordinary leadership and grace during this transition.

Both Ada and Estefany’s mentors, Anna and Alina, have expressed how proud they’ve been of the girls this past month. Anna said, “Ada has been so mature during the move, and is very happy in the new apartment.” Ada is regularly helping out with Kenneth (her baby brother). Alina has been working on teaching responsibility and respect in her sessions with Estefany, and she’s happy to report that Estefany is showing more and more maturity over time. We are constantly amazed at how these kids shoulder duties at home and in school.

Back at school, Ada and Estefany enjoyed some on-on-one time with their mentors last week. Ada is learning about and creating lasting friendships with her peers at school, and Estefany is enjoying her growing strength and coordination. Alina commented, “Steph really enjoys the monkey bars (of course, because she’s such a little monkey herself!) and being pushed on the swing.”

The older kids are also doing well. Sergio is successfully running his portion of the family hot dog stand business, and we’re hoping to hire a mentor for him soon. And Karla has just started up classes again last week. She is working on her bachillerato degree (the equivalent of a high school diploma) at a local school in Gracias. She will be in 10th grade, and her program of study is focused on health and nutrition.

When we heard about the family’s big move and everything else going on, Charlie (Estefany’s former mentor and OFH volunteer) said, “Wow… these kids are the most resilient people I have ever met! I love them and miss them so much.”

This is so true.  Our OFH kids have to be tougher than most to handle what life and school throws at them.  Poverty is a high-stress, ever-changing environment, requiring flexibility and a resilient spirit. Resilience has become a hallmark of this family. We have no doubt they will continue to inspire us with their maturity and grit.