Month: September 2018

Summer is officially over, and OFH is launching headfirst into the new school year!

Photo Jun 05, 3 27 06 PM

This week, Karla turned 18, which is hard to believe since we first met back in 2011 when she was only 11 years old. Karla is in her first year of a health and nutrition-focused high school program, which she hopes to complete in three years. Her classes are only on Sundays, which means that she has time to earn money doing odd jobs during the week. As always, Karla amazes us with her work ethic and commitment to family.

ramirez twinsAt the beginning of the summer, Mary gave birth to twins at the hospital in San Pedro Sula. There were some complications prior and Mary had to be rushed to the hospital a few weeks before they were born. Santos stayed in San Pedro Sula to look after Mary at the hospital. That meant that Estefany, Ada, and Kenneth all moved in with their older sister, Karla. What an incredible older sister she has been. Mentor tutors Alina and Anna spent time with the girls during this time and were very impressed with Karla’s willingness to help the girls with homework and provide for them as a parent would. We are so proud and grateful for her.

The babies are home, and everyone is happy and healthy. Please welcome Enrique Jose and Olga Rosario into the family. And join us in praying for their continued happiness, stability, and health.

Photo Jun 05, 1 35 48 PM

Karla’s younger brother Sergio is currently in 7th grade, and he will be graduating to 8th grade after Christmas vacation this year. He really hopes to get a mentor-tutor from the U.S. once the new teachers arrive and get settled, partially because he is not very challenged in his English classes at Ramon Rosa. It’s always more difficult for us to find male mentors than females, so we’re praying for the right man to come into Sergio’s life this year.

Photo Jun 05, 1 30 26 PM

The younger girls can’t wait for school to get underway, as usual. Ada is in 5th grade, and is excited to work with her new mentor-tutor Amanda, who was Ada’s teacher last year. It’s such a joy for us to see that Amanda and Ada already have a close, loving relationship. Right now, Ada wants to be a veterinarian. And just like her little sister, Estefany, Ada loves animals and enjoys nature.

Photo Jun 05, 1 30 40 PM

Just one year behind Ada, Estefany is going into 4th grade. We’re thrilled and grateful that Alina, her mentor-tutor from last year, is going to continue to work with Estefany for another year. Alina says that Estefany has been doing more homework independently. She also says that Estefany is getting better at trying new things.

20180605_151156But that’s not all. Little Kenneth is starting school at Minerva for the first time! Our in-country coordinator Irma says that Kenneth is so excited about his first days of classes. Irma and her husband Walter took Kenneth to get school uniforms a few weeks ago, and they reported that Kenneth was so happy and could not wait to start school, just like his siblings.

Photo Jun 05, 1 34 00 PM

These kiddos are amazing. The whole family is amazing. They are strong and faithful as one unit helping and supporting one another. Thanks to each of you for your support and prayers for OFH, for our students, teachers, and tutors. And thanks for helping us kick off the 2018-2019 school year!

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